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Iconic 2.0 is Live

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Announcing the release of Iconic 2.0

New Benefits

Iconic 2.0 brings awesome new benefits to Iconic breweries.

Besides a brand new tap room interface for the flagship integrated mobile point of sale system, Iconic now sports a sleeker Shopify integration. In collaboration with Iconic customers, new production management capabilities have been added. Capabilities like like "What Can I Make Now?" that evaluates the state of your inventory against your recipes to let you know what can be made from the ingredients you have on hand.

One thing that sets Iconic apart is that our customers are working directly with the developers of the system. A great idea can go from a mention in a Q&A session to a reality very quickly. We don't need to ask a giant tech firm to add features to the system. When a need surfaces, we address it. For example, we needed a convenient way to create by-products of the brewing process. So we added it.

Iconic complemented its already robust bills of materials with new bills of operations to help manage the production operations. Our mobile production app issues materials, receives, ships, posts production and much more ... right from the production floor ... using a convenient mobile app.

The phenomenal capabilities of Iconic 2.0 are too lengthy to put into a blog post. Click the link below to schedule a demo of Iconic.

Other News

As we complete our release of Iconic 2.0, we are planning our next major upgrade. Subject to input from our customers - whose interests/desires are paramount - our top priority for our next major release will be to integrate into Iconic a world-class open-source Advanced Planning System. Stay tuned for more info on that developing story!

Take a look around the world of Iconic. Let us know if you have any questions. We'd be delighted to show you how Iconic can make your brewery operations more effective and profitable.

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